Law of Attraction

Learning the Language of The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is, according to Wikipedia, “the name given to the term that ‘like attracts like’ and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.” Modern books such as The Secret and Ask and it is Given explore this concept, as do ancient Hermetic texts such as The Kybalionand The Emerald Tablets

When speaking in terms of frequency, vibration, resonance, etc., this type of language may be confusing for the newcomer to this material, but mastering the language is key in understanding just how the LOA works.

Your “frequency” is what you frequently see. If you stop, look, listen, and pay attention to synchronicities that happen in your life, you’ll come to find that there are valuable lessons to be learned in this repetition of your reality. Every person, place, and experience can be viewed as a direct mirror of the thought “vibration” you are emitting – so if there are situations that occur often, and certain personality types you encounter often, the best thing to do is to look within and assess what type of thoughts may have attracted these occurrences.

To attract experiences that are in alignment with your “wants” instead of your “don’t wants,” view your consciousness as though it is a musical instrument which you can fine tune through your thought patterns so that they are in harmony. Once your thoughts are in harmony with what you want, this is the “resonance” you will be emitting to the universe, which correlates to your “frequency” and “vibration.”

Integrating the language (verbally, physically, and mentally) and applying it to your daily life is something that requires practice, but practice makes perfect, and soon enough you will master your “pitch” and frequently begin to experience situations that are in harmony with your desires.

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