Beware the Prophets For Profit

Huffington Post’s Dickipedia video series recently shared a profound, and dark truth about the founder of Bikram Yoga, Bikram Choudhury (see video below). As the humor is tongue in cheek, there is something that needs to be said about those who exploit wisdom teachings to service the ego and material gain. 

There are “Prophets for profit” everywhere, and as much as it’s important to sustain a quality of life that allows people to be free from financial restrain, we must become aware of those who have poor intentions. As much as we appreciate eastern teachings like Yoga, there are many paths to enlightenment, and you have the intellectual freedom to explore those concepts at will.

We are all meant to awaken our own divinity, and there is a reason why Eastern teachings like Martial Arts, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. are gaining more popularity in our culture. Although, through our own experiences, we have come to learn a few warning signs to be aware of when you decide to learn these lessons.

1. Be weary when a wisdom teacher is driven by the root chakra, and not their heart. We are human, and the carnal urge of our animal instinct can lead us to make some silly decisions, but if a teacher isn’t disciplined enough to control themselves, then what is there to learn from them? It’s easy to talk about these concepts, but it’s imperative that they are applied.

2. Wisdom is achieved by dissolving the ego, and learning to coexist with it in harmony. The ego is a necessary part of our psyche, but should never be the one driving. The ego should be treated as the annoying “backseat” driver that keeps telling you how to drive, or how terrible you drive. The idea is to keep it in check, and take those thoughts with a grain of salt.

3. Be weary of teachers who covet wisdom; as means to control others for their own selfish material gain. The rise of eastern teachings in the western world seem to be riddled with poor intentions by those who prey on people seeking enlightenment. As this is the journey of The Fool (see link), we should also be aware of who we share the journey with, and their true intentions.

4. Never trust anyone with a million dollar watch.

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