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How to Bring More Magic(k) Into Your Life: As Above, So Below

Most of us have heard the quote “as above, so below” but may not have ever realized the gravity of what the words actually represent. While to some, the words may represent the will of God/the heavens being carried out through humans/Earth; this is only half true…on a cellular level, the text conveys the concept that we are the universe unfolded within a human “façade”.

The microcosm of humanity is a direct reflection of the macrocosm of the cosmos, and our creative will is an expression of our creator (the universe). So essentially (in my humble opinion) there is one source of energy from which we all emerge, and we are all connected to this one, so this essentially makes us all living manifestations of God/one.

While trying to wrap your head around the concept that we all have the potential to be masters and creators of our reality by living like demigods may seem heretical, this is essentially the same basic concept of the book The Secret.  This way of thinking does not separate you from God, in reality it only brings you closer to Living the One Voice of Existence (God), because by taking creation into your own hands you are now living as an actualized version of creator.

Mastering the mindset of microcosm reflecting macrocosm is the key to manifesting anything you desire, and by anything I meananything. The universe, aka: “you-ni-verse”, responds to specificity and anything that you believe you will achieve.

The paradox of this situation, is that we must also wrap our heads around the concept that belief is the basis, and simply just wishing is only wasting time. When we make a wish, while it seems this is something we want, wanting instead of being, can actually complicate the actualization process. When we train our brains to believe, it serves as a placebo effect to our reality. There is a fine line between wishing and believing, and through the dissolution of this line you will find this synthesis serves as the bridge to wish fulfillment.  You must believe in yourself, first and foremost, before you can achieve your desired result.

“As I will it, so shall it be.”

With that being said, I would like to segue into simple steps that will facilitate in manifesting the reality of the microcosm you desire. First and foremost, I would like you all to get familiar with the law that accelerates manifestation; this is called the Law of Attraction. Simply put, the Law of Attraction dictates that you will always reap what you sow, as long as your frequency (energetic vibration) matches that which you desire.

In speaking in the terms of frequency and vibration for the new-comer, this terminology may seem confusing. One might ask, how do I vibrate to achieve what I desire? What exactly is my frequency? Simply put, your frequency is what you “frequently see”. When you stop, look, listen, and pay attention to the synchronicities that happen there are valuable lessons to be learned in this repetition of your reality. Every person, place, and experience is a direct mirror of the thought  (aka: “vibration”) we are emitting – so if there are situations, experiences, and even certain personality types you encounter often, the best thing to do is to look within, and assess where your thoughts are that may have attracted these occurrences.

A helpful mantra when practicing this mindfulness is to remember, “all that I see is a reflection of me”. To attract experiences that are in alignment with your “wants” instead of the “don’t wants” – you must look at your consciousness as though it is a musical instrument, and fine tune your thought patterns so that they are in harmony. Once your thoughts are in harmony with what you want, this is the “resonance” you will be emitting to the universe, which correlates to your “frequency” and “vibration”. Mastering the language of the Law of Attraction and applying it to your daily life is something that requires practice, but practice makes perfect, and soon enough you will master your “pitch” and begin perpetuating your perfection perfectly.

“You are what you practice most.” Richard Carlson

Next week I will begin providing practical experiments to help you harness the magic of manifestation and allow you to master mindfulness. Patience and faith are integral throughout these experiments, and if your frequency is already fine tuned you may find that your results are achieved faster than expected, however if you still require some resonance work, do not lose hope, and be sure to continue to believe, believe, believe. It takes 28 days to break a habit, and many of these experiments revolve around a 28-day time frame so that you can break old habits and create a solid foundation of conscious customs that are endlessly elevating and ever expanding.

Until next week…

With love,


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