What to Expect From Tonight’s Super Moon (Full Moon) in Taurus

Tonight, 10/27, we will be experiencing the third SuperMoon in a row. This moon is in Taurus, and it’s energies are bright, and beautiful.

The Taurus Moon is alchemical, in that if you make choices that are in love, light, and truth – the energies will respond with corresponding results. We create each moment of our reality, and the choices we make today, will bring about a better tomorrow, and subsequently an even better future. So today (as always) choose up, set intentions from your heart, and let time work for you – not against you.

The Sun sign is in Scorpio, tonight, and according to Kelley Rosano

“Scorpio governs emotional truth. Scorpio rules what is hidden beneath the surface….It is time to go deep within.

“Be who you really are. This includes embracing your shadow self. The unexpressed aspects of self, which beg for expression…”

“The more you deny your truth. The stronger the shadow side becomes. These aspects are like young orphan children coming home for the first time. Love yourself with arms wide open. This will unlock any blocked energy. Hidden talents and gifts may abide in these orphan aspects of self.

“Embracing your shadow will empower you. You will have more energy when you forgive your imperfections. Do not judge or criticize. Be a conscious observer of what is taking place inside of you.

“Give up your addiction to pain and drama. This is where most people are entangled…Pluto can empower you to regenerate yourself…”

“Clean out the closets of your mind. Purify yourself. This makes you strong. You are mind, body, heart and spirit. Take care of them. It is cleansing time. The Universe is cleansing you.

“Release what no longer serves you…Take charge of your life. Do what is right for you. Listen to your soul. Your soul holds your soul agreements. That is what you have come to do and with whom. What are you attracting?

“Do you like what you are attracting? If not, change yourself. You are your point of attraction. The energy you send out is the results you get back. Change your habits that are not working. Change your behavior. You will change your life for the better…”

“Chiron is opposing Venus at the Full Moon. This brings acute awareness to what needs healing. Love you more than the need for a relationship. Nurture your self-esteem.

“Love is not pain. Love is not something you earn. Love is not something you deserve. Love just is. Love flows to you daily from your mighty I Am Presence. Creator says…’ You are loved.”

© Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANO. All Rights Reserved

To get in full alignment with tonight’s energies, this exercise by Sun Language is great way to get clear on what you’d like to manifest – in order to harness the potential of now…see: Harnessing the Energies of the Autumnal Equinox.

For even more in-depth analysis of tonight’s moon, be sure to visit Mystic Mamma!

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