Listen to the Music of Your Plants with ‘MIDI Sprout’ by Data Garden

“The earth has music for those who listen.” – George Santayana

We recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Data Garden, at our CSA//AVC event this past Sunday. Data Garden is “a creative engine and record label making advances in the way electronic music is produced and distributed.”

We were blown away by their innovative project, MIDI Sprout, which is a technology that allows the ability to convert the activities of your plants to music. According to their (funded) Kickstarter project page:

“Our vision is to give people the ability to convert the activities of plants into music. Anybody with a computer or synthesizer can use MIDI Sprout to investigate the secret life of plants.

MIDI Sprout represents a growing community interested in learning about nature by turning its biofeedback into music. This is the beginning of the global DIY biofeedback movement.

We have had a lot of fun exploring the role of biorhythms in art and music. It’s time to share this technology with the public and invite new innovators to the conversation.”

The music the plants produce is magical, and also generative – as the frequencies of the unseen world unfold, and permeate your consciousness – you can’t help but feel an energetic relaxation, and connection to the natural world.

To learn more about the MIDI Sprout, check out the YouTube video below, and be sure to visit their website for updates on the official release by clicking here.

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