How the Full Moon in Pisces on August 29th Will Impact Our Emotions

Saturday, August 29th, brings us a super full moon in Pisces. As the moon always affects the tides (regardless of sign), the moon being in a water sign, such as Pisces, will be extremely impactful to the motion/emotions in our life this time around.

According to Elephant Journal:

“Pisces is the sign of water and all those elements that are vast and unfathomable, such as our intuition and our capacity for love.

Usually Pisces is a dreamy sign, preferring the fantasies that exist within her imagination. However, because Jupiter will be forming a conjunction to the moon we may be feeling more anxious about using the emotional depths of this moon to gain greater insight about the steps taken in our journey that have led us to this present moment.

This is the fiery climactic emotional point that we have all been building toward since April.

Super moons are more potent than average full moons because of the close proximity to earth and this one will have us feeling our realizations in an almost cathartic and heavily climactic way. If it feels like there is a lot at stake right now in terms of emotional breakthroughs and developments—it’s because there is.

We are already in the build up phase to this moon, and may be feeling like we are barely treading water through the murky depths of our emotional world.

It may seem like we won’t make it through this challenging time—but trust that we will.

Not every full moon is a magical time, sometimes we are forced to dive below the surface and look at all of our sh*t that we have been hiding from. But, just because we aren’t going to be wearing our rose colored glasses doesn’t mean that this isn’t a moon that we won’t remember for a long time to come.”

The intention for the super full moon on the 29th, primarily will be about evaluating every step we have taken in our journey over the last year, and how our thoughts have created our reality thus far. A practice that may be helpful during this time is to take a look back to where you were last summer, then see how far you’ve come this summer, and plant a “seed” of desire for what you wish to create in the coming months.

The moon cycles of September will usher in an energy that opens up avortex of possibility, and potential as we close the summer – and “fall” into the closing of a very important cycle of creation. 2015, was about letting go of what no longer serves you, in order to serve your highest purpose as a creator – and the next few months will be the “push” from the universe to fully activate all you’ve learned, so you can implement the lessons and allow your “little ripples” to create “bigger waves”.

To learn more about what to expect for this moon, please see: “Super Full Moon in Pisces: The Emotional Apocalypse“.

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