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Can Creativity Be the New Currency?

This past Tuesday, July 28th, we joined forces with minds.com to curate an event in celebration of the film, Time is Art. With less than a week of planning, we rode the waves of synchronicity, and allowed the current of the universe to direct our path – and the end result was an evening that embodied the very ethos of the film we were supporting.

By shifting our idea of time being “money”, into time being art – we allow the spirit of creativity and collaboration to be what drives us, as opposed to the harsh energies of competition and greed.  The limiting “beliefs” our current model of reality has boxed us into believing we are here to “consume” and “obey”, but these beliefs only contain power if we allow them to continue…if we begin to shift our vision from our head to our heart, this is where we can find our true power.

We’ve been lead to believe that money is power, and have placed value on the things we acquire being what our wealth is measured by. But, what if we allowed creativity to be our new currency, and let our value be determined by the art we produce, and the inspiration we provide to others?

Time is Art asks these very questions, and provides the inspiration to unlock our true calling by unraveling the current matrix so a new pattern can emerge.

If what happened this past Tuesday is any indication of what it would mean if this new ethos was applied to our experience, the future we could co-create could be beyond money, and into the heart of a creative community of human beings – free from labels, “boxes” and judgement.

Being in a room with artists, authors, scientists, doctors, philosophers, programmers, spiritualists and futurists alike – with all barriers of ego dissolved, allowed for a glimpse into just how magical life could be if weall equally participated in this experience together. It is our greatest dream that this is the future we can work towards being a consistent reality, and we hope to inspire you to live with your time being your art, and your creativity being your masterpiece.

See entire album of photos from the evening by scrolling the gallery below!

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