Spirit Animal Explorations: The Hare

As channeled by JOB:

The hare is the swift rabbit that believes the fast way is the way you win the race. The lesson to learn is that fast wins are quickly forgotten, but the slow journey to success will always be appreciated.

When you are handed what you’ve wished for, you soon forget how you felt before the wish came to be. When you get what you wish for, after waiting and wondering and hoping and praying, the wish becomes more significant when it is granted because it was something you earned.

The lesson of the hare is to be fast when necessary, but the made motion to follow when moving towards your dreams is patience. This virtue is the virtue of all wisdom to allow to be your point of view, because patience breeds kindness, and hasty movement and fast forgetfulness only breeds contempt.

You’re all to learn the lessons of these spirits as you journey through life. Some may learn the lessons in alignment with when this is first read, while others may learn in time. The made ideal to follow is to look forward with what you learn, but also look back after you’ve learned it.

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