Self-Care Habits and Why They Can Change Your Life

Life can be a bit esoteric sometimes – if not all the time if you’re a daydreamer like myself. It’s a journey that can not be predicted or planned for, and in the end, we all can only do our best to get through the many highs and lows life provides us.

Daily self-care habits can help us get through the constant changes.

What is self-care? Self-care is a deliberate and self-initiated act in which benefits the individual in a positive healthy way. These actions are specific to each individual. For example self-care for me means:

–    Waking up early enough to set a daily goals and to-dos

–    Having a nutritious breakfast for energy for the rest of the day

–       Dressing up for myself

–       Doing my nails

–       Illustrating my feelings in my notebook

–       Being active for at least an hour a day to manage anxiety

–       Practicing meditation and breathing exercises to manage stress

–       Being mindful and practicing appreciation and gratitude

–       Spending some time with a friend or calling one each day

–       Being sure to wash my face and brush my teeth at night

–       Taking a long hot bath as a means of reward at the end of a long hard work week

These are only a few examples of some of my self-care practices. Different things help each person relax, feel good, and feel healthier and cared for. Feel free to try using some of the above and comment below with some of your own!

Self-care works as preventative medicine for your mind, body, and soul. When we practice self-care consistently and with persistence, we build up a wellness reserve in our bodies and minds. With our constantly changing and evolving society that continues to make supportive communities difficult to foster – self-reliance and care are becoming increasingly important.

Even if you are lucky enough to be in a supportive community, having daily self-care rituals helps keep you strong and supportive in your own and others’ difficult times. Think of it this way – you have a glass and your well-being is measured by the amount of water in it. If you are not feeling well and do not care for yourself, this water is low and continues to decline. If you take care of yourself and continuously do so, your water level is high and replenished. When an obstacle of life unbalances this glass – you lose some water. The more self-care you practice the less this loss affects your water supply and your overall wellbeing. The less self-care you practice, the more this imbalance causes you lack and pain. It is much easier to bounce back from an unplanned life event if you have a full cup than if you are already running on empty.

Let’s talk about how to set your own daily self-care habits and rituals. 

Take a few minutes to sit down with a pen and paper – or even your digital iPhone pad or a word document on your computer. Think about your day to day schedule. Are you getting up after you hit snooze three times? Running to work without a bite? Fueling on coffee and sugar all day and crashing when you get home? Have you been keeping track of your to-dos and schedules? Write it out from morning to evening. Now, without judgment, examine it. Where could you improve things for YOU? Where can you move, limit, eliminate, or expand things? Are there some things you want to do every day that you haven’t been? What would make you feel good and accomplished if you did a little of it every day?

I hope these tips help you. With small consistent changes, we can foster great transformations. I would love to hear you own self-care habits!

-Bunny Urick

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