Creating Your Reality With Your Words

Creating Your Reality With Your Words by Mia Banducci

When I hear the word “spells” what once came to mind was reminiscent of Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus, and the scene where she induced everyone into a trance. It would’ve had a semi-negative connotation, but now, removing the obscurity of what it could mean to be “magical”, I’ve learned to utilize “spells” that are changing my life, in that I’ve come to realize that “spells” really just mean you are creating your reality with intentional words.

I had the power of the words I create with proven to me this weekend in the most profoundly tangible way…

A friend of a friend was subletting her place in Venice Beach for the summer, and I’d gone to look at it, only to be told 2 minutes before I arrived another friend called and said she’d take it.

I was so bummed. The house was PERFECT for me! Great roommates, a private roofdeck, two blocks from the best walking street in LA, and 5 blocks from the beach! I’d been dreaming of finding a place like this for over a year…asking the universe, and all the powers that be to help me. Even though every time I looked on Craigslist or RadPad all I could find was tiny rooms in tiny apartments just like Manhattan, priced about the same, but I kept the faith alive!

The day before I had to leave my apartment, my friend of a friend called…she’d been bailed on, and asked me if I “still want the place?” Hmmm, let me think about that… YESSS!

As soon as I moved in, I was home. I’ve never felt more comfortable anywhere I’ve lived in LA, and only one spot in NYC all those years (only because we had two stories and a backyard in the East Village! Unheard of!).

I started sending out energy of choice wording everyday, “Zoe won’t need this apartment anymore, she will find love, or something that will keep her from having to come back here, this is MY place, and I will get to stay here.”

Words. We don’t think often enough where they come from, or what they really are. What is a thought? It’s made up of words right? A sandwich is a thought before you make it. So why not acknowledge that thoughtscan become things? What if by speaking these words, I made them true?

Friday, I did just that. Zoe returned early, and I fretted I’d be back on the search – yet, I kept the faith, and didn’t allow worry to work through me, and I was granted the greatest gift.

Zoe’s best friend’s roommate was leaving their house down the block, for LESS money! She jumped at the opportunity, and on August 1st, I sign the lease as a permanent resident in my dreamy new home.

Some might write this off as a “coincidence” or a stroke of luck, but (in my personal opinion) it’s neither…everything actually seems pretty well orchestrated. Our intentions, and our energy, come from the same power that fuels our hearts, holds us to the earth, and pulls our planet around the sun.

Next time you’re worried, concerned, or the slightest bit frustrated, I invite you to reframe your perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it’s easier said than done, but if you commit to working on your role as the responsible creator of your own destiny – it’s worth it in the end.

I invite you to think about what it is that you desire most fiercely, and write it down. Don’t write about fame, or money, write what you want to be valued for. Write about the purpose you should share with us. Then, and this step might be the most important, write down what you’re grateful for. If you write three desires, write ten things you feel blessed by.

If you can’t think of anything at first, start with the sun. Without the sun, trees wouldn’t grow and produce air for us to breathe, or plants for us to eat. Personally, I am grateful for puppies, and those fat little feet babies have – but truly, there are ENDLESS things to be grateful for.

When you go about your day, observe the thoughts in your mind. Are they hurtful to yourself or others? Practice changing, “What is this assh*le doing?!” To, “He must be having a hard day to drive so inconsiderately.” Practice, practice, practice!

Focus on the lists you make. Write gratitude everyday, read your desires as often as possible. Whether you believe or not, you will be surprised at the rewards.

These will become the words that create your reality. They can be as small as, “I am grateful for my mom and we will get along better.” To, “I will discover a new way to express my true self to those around me,” or “I will find work that makes me and everyone around me happier and stronger.”

Focus, repeat, observe, stay positive and vigilant – creating what you wish to see in your experience with your words, will allow the next chapter in your “novel of life” to be worth the read!

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