Life Lesson: Creativity > Competition

As channeled by JOB:

The lesson of this week is to be creators becoming creative to create together. Men are made to be strongest when they are bound together in arms. The arms we reference are not weapons, but the arms that have the hands you may hold together to form a stronger bond.

Allowing this to be your lesson, is to allow the hand you reach out to be met with another, so you may become stronger and more powerful through connection. You may think you are in this all alone at times, but you will be surprised what happens when you extend a hand…it will always be met with someone who is willing to help.

Allow and receive, worry and you will only wait. Judge others and you only judge yourself – give thanks to all men, and all men will be grateful to you.

The lesson to keep in mind is to always treat everyone as if they are your brother or sister, and allow creation to be your objective, notcompetition. Your belief in yourself will be met with belief from others, and if you open your hand and open your heart so you may be received well by all.

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