Spirit Animal Explorations: The Praying Mantis

As channeled by JOB:

The praying mantis is the made physical manifestation of the Godhead, as a living being.

This insect is worshipped in certain cultures and is believed to bring about a good omen, should it cross your path. The made ideal in letting this spirit be your guide is to allow your life to be in harmony with God.

God is a vibration, which signals love for all experience, and all life. God is mysterious in its ways, and not always easy to understand, but if you allow the beauty of all the blessings you experience to be met with a grateful heart, you will be able to see God in all you see.

The mantis is a mysterious, beautiful creature, who is gentle, but can just as easily take a life. This balance of beauty and force, mystery and fear is the made mystery of the nature of God in life.

Be aware, God is in ALL, not just this creature – but this being is a  lesson in its life, in its actions and enigmatic presence.

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