Emergency Press Conference Being Held Tomorrow by NASA and SETI

We’ve just hear a rumor from a very reputable source that NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration and S.E.T.I. have called for an emergency press conference at 12PM EST tomorrow Thursday, July 23rd.

According to the source, “The Kepler mission has discovered an earth-like world called Kepler 452b. At a distance of 1,400 light-years away, Kepler 452b accompanies a star whose characteristics are very similar to the Sun: 4% more massive and 10% brighter. Kepler 452b orbits its star at the same distance as the Earth orbits the Sun. They are talking extraordinary potential atmosphere, water etc.”

While this “discovery” is not yet verified, the notion of another earth-like world brings up the (very important) unanswered question, if there is life on this other planet as well. What do you feel this discovery could mean for humanity, consciousness, and our evolving world-view?

Post your thoughts in the comments below and will we be sure to keep you updated as we receive more information about any of the latest developments.

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