Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XX – Judgement

Alphabet: Sh, Shin in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 300

Astrological Nature: Fire (Spirit)

As channeled by JOB:

XX – Judgement: Responsibility for the past to progress in the future.

The card of Judgment is the ballad of the death of a star in order to become a new life. The star judges if the new life is necessary in order to be the fated role that results in a big change. The change that is to occur when a star dies and is then born is the call of the transformation of fear into love, and this is the definition of a miracle.

Stars falling in the sky signal miracles on their way to earth. Being the call to be the star then to be the life yet again is a sacred call of the need for a change to occur before destruction. Being the called star to help the Earth is the duty of a celestial being who is intent on fulfilling a purpose bigger than their life. The celestial being is the being that comes to feed the hungry masses that are not yet aware that they can feed themselves, and to bring spiritual wealth during a time of lack-mentality. We are to move forward into a century of light, after a very dark age , and this is the call of the gilded age of the cycle of time, but the gilded age always comes before the Dark Age is over. Before the dark there is the call of the iron age, that is the age of industrial revolution, then the darkness comes because people abuse their call to create, then the destruction happens in order to bring order after chaos, to bring light to the dark and to feed the masses with a new way of thought in order to provide spiritual nourishment to dharma of the karmic cycle of time.

The destiny of time will always tick, and the clock never stops completely, but history is now being written, and you are going to be a part of this never ending story whether you realize it or not, but the role you play is your choice and your choice alone.

Think first of the future, then of your self, think second after yourself, of the impact you have on others and allow your soul to guide you, not your ego. Quiet the ego, and think from your soul. Mentioned ballad of Gilded Age is to sing a beautiful song, do not be scared. Only be prepared with your new coat of armor, and your awareness of your self, and do not sigh in lamenting of the dark time, but instead know that in the dark, a new dawn forms.

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