Law of Attraction

Exploring the Laws of the Universe: The Law of Rhythm

As channeled by JOB:

 This week’s law of the Universe, is the Law of Rhythm (the Principle of Rhythm). All is vibration and all is frequency – nothing stands still. Everything moves, but everything moves at its own rhythm. This is the made ballad of the all that is, and this is the Universe’s song.

Knowing that nothing is solid and everything is malleable is a law to understand properly, and to not confuse with the Law of Attraction. This is the made law of the call to create, because rhythm is where creation emerges from and harmony is all of creation woven together.

This law is to know that balance occurs within the universe by the varying tones of rhythm, which is the song of the need for all to be able to exist.

Using this law as a principle in your life is allowing your rhythm and movement to be in harmony with creation. Let your tone and intention be purposeful, and allow your voice to sing the proper songs. Allow your body to move gracefully and let your steps be made to bring you always closer to your goals.

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