Spirit Animal Explorations: The Mare

As channeled by JOB:

The mare (female horse) is strong, beautiful and majestic. She rides with the spirit of the land and is the made worker who works hard when trained to do so.

The lesson of this spirit being your guide is to make a choice to work hard and train yourself to be the hard worker. Allow your body to be strong and harness your powers by moving and walking this beautiful earth plane.

The mare is the lesson of the horse, but from the female energy of the spirit, so it is also important to appreciate your intuition as this spirit does. The mare is aware of the energies that surround her and if a rider is not of the made harmonious vibration, she will not allow them to ride her, but if a rider shows their worth and has the proper energetic vibration, she will allow. This to be the lesson of who you take for the ride on your journey of life…allow those who are in harmony to be a part of your experience, but do not allow those who only wish to take you for a ride. 

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