Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XVII – The Star

Alphabet: Tz, Tsade in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 90

Astrological Nature: Aquarius

As channeled by JOB:

XXII – The Star: Where you came from, is where you will return. Death is only the interim of darkness, before a new light is born.

The Star card is the card of the time when you find your proper place in the sky. You are to be called to the constellation from which you originate when you are completed of all tasks here on Earth. Being the call to the constellation of your star system happens when you can be historically remembered for the impact you’ve created. Being in the stars is the ballad of God-ness to your goodness here on Earth.

The stars you return to are your soul family. The ballad of the song sung in your star system family is dictated by the darkness that surrounds it and cradles its life support. The dark and the light both work together in the heavens and on Earth. They are lovers in their own right, not able to exist without each other’s ballad of their song. The ballad your star sings back to you is the calling peak of the Earth plane making a dent in the cosmos. The mythological idea that you are to be The Star in the heavens after you are being the best life here is true…to a degree.

You are called to the stars when the time is right, but the call is not always forever. Once you are a star you can be the life you choose here at any time, no need for any terrible karmic baggage, only the life task you are wishing to experience. The ballad your time here sings reflects to your star, which sings back to you. Right now, to be aware of your star, focus on the chakra above your head. This is the 8th Chakra, named the “Bethlehem Star”…this is the center called “the celestial center”.

The chakra of your star system responding to your actions is the call to the stars as the call to your purpose here. This is the calling of your truest self. The decree that is called in your soul contract, and this soul contract exists in the Akashic records of your DNA, and is the named identity of the star pondered to be your final place in the heavens. The ballad to sing to become the star while you are here is to be first in made service to humanity, and second in service to God-ness in your goodness…then to be good to yourself and your body, by not abusing either. Then you must make amends with anyone who made your life difficult, and then you are able to be free of the chain of fear and able to be the calling you wish for while you are here and the calling of the star will be your destiny.

Poetically, understanding the ballad of God is the key to understanding the ballad of the stars, and the poetry in motion that is the life experience of this plane. The ballad you are to sing to be the star is to be fine with being who you are, and make no apologies for yourself. Love yourself, and love the world. If you love yourself, then you can love everyone. If you carry contempt, you can’t advance to a new plane, you will always stay at a lower vibration of sound, and you are to not get a place in the stars. Ponder your poetic ballad of life by thinking about how much love you give and how much love you lived. This is the ballad of the stars to live love, to give love, to be love, and to receive love. This is not lamenting of bad times. Lamenting does nothing for you, but lower your vibration. If you have remorse for the bad decisions of your past, you are unable to see the stars in the darkness.

This is the riddle of the pyramids of Giza. To be able to see the stars, you must know the darkness, and in order to see the light, you must know that even in the light, the dark exists but is only there to cradle the stars. The pyramids are the living allegory of life that in order to ascend, you must start at the bottom, and work your way to the top. Then once you are at the top, you can see all and understand the ballad of life from a new perspective, and in the ballad of your life, the melody is the most beautiful song because there was both high notes and low notes, and calls to prose as well as poetry and the all of what is your opera of the life you lived is absolutely beautiful.

Made ideals are the ballad of fools. When you plan ahead and when you believe with your heart, not just your head, you must understand the impermanent permanence, but allow it to be your friend, not your foe. It is through this process you become a star and finalize your place in the celestial order of the made life of your soul’s journey here.

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