Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XVI – The Tower

Alphabet: P, in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 80

Astrological Nature: Mars

XVI – The Tower: To be the grateful soul, you must remain humble and appreciative of all you have, and all you can have as well. Once you get what you wish for, remember the wish, and do not discard the music you wrote to achieve it. The bad idea is to write a song, only to destroy the music. 

The Tower is the card that is the card of the calling that occurs when you build a castle in the sky, but do not feel gratitude for the castle you’ve built. You build it, and then you make a fitted theme of thinking it is not good enough, or that there is something better. You build a castle in the sky by your hopes and dreams – then you bet that it is not even worth the effort and feel like there is something more out there for you. Shielding your thinking from ego breaking down your castle walls is the important lesson to learn.

You are to be the best thinker when you build a castle in the sky, and then think about how grand a view there is in the clouds. You can now see, and the better thing to exist only is your next dream. The dreams you keep are the dreams that you appreciate and the dance you always dance should be that of a dancer in the string harmony of life.

The dance of the string harmony of life is danced by a dancer that is the one who dances in tune with the harmony of the stars, always shines bright about life, always is able to be aware of the precious nature of time, the being grateful for all moments and all manifestations of thought, and all mentioned ideals about viewing the future as the consequence for your actions. The call of the card of The Tower is to be fitting your “bed” with the proper sheets and to be thinking about how comfortable they are when you sleep in them. You are able to appreciate the comfort of the sheets, the bed and the made dreams that come to be a reality, when you sleep well in this bed you’ve made, and call the bed your blessing.

Right now in order to be the call of the card of The Tower, take a moment and zone in on your eyes. Think about how you see your life. Is your life lacking or is it made to be the “bed” you are laying on? Think about where there is room for improvement, and then think about the call to find sheets that may be more comfortable but do not throw out the old sheets. Instead, either donate them to someone in need, or take them and put them into storage for another time. Do not discard them, be grateful of how they kept you warm, and feel better about how much warmer you will be in the new sheets. Do not discount them or toss them aside, you better be the ballad of grace at all times, because you never know when there may be a fire and you may lose it all. Maintain gratitude for all times of your life. Rich, poor, made bed or sleeping bag…the allowing of all experiences to be grateful for, is the way to always feel fulfilled.

Calling the past a mistake or thinking you are the call to be the better-made future without appreciating the past is a foolish choice. The past is to be the lesson only, and the future can be minted in golden light if you are able to always appreciate your time, even when things change.

Right now, also take a moment to zone into your Ajna center. The third eye, the Ajna is the center of the seat of the soul in your mind’s eye. The seat of the soul is the place where you are able to really see the limitations that may be present in your Soul Key. The ballad of the key is to be the Ajna activated always in your vision, able to see the future, the past and the present, all happening at once and all made in good health and intentions. Right now, also ask the Ajna chakra to be singing a song of ittered out signals that dent time in a shape that feels good enough but also feels great enough to be appreciated no matter what.

The Tower is the call to be happy in all that you have, and the call to answer is to be appreciative of all you have. Even when you feel you have nothing, you have something. Even when you feel you have it all, but something is missing, know you always can have nothing, so it is important to appreciate. Take nothing for granted and you will always have something, take something for granted and you could wind up with nothing.

There is nothing that can allow the manifesting of bad itterings other than your thoughts. Think always in a place of grace, and you will always be able to feel gratitude. The call is to be grateful always, the call is to be gracious always. The call can only be answered by the signal you make with your thoughts. The call is to be good to you, and to always appreciate everything, as well as nothing.

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