Spirit Animal Explorations: The German Shepherd

As channeled by JOB:

The call of this animal’s spirit is the call of loyalty and obeying the commands he is commanded to obey.

The call is to answer the work you are commanded to fulfill, by commanding the made laws of the Universe into action. The idea is to obey the laws, and allow them to work in your favor. The made laws are finite, although the rules on this plane are able to be amended. The call is to make sure you are working towards your heart’s desires and to be aware of the made laws to obey.

Be loyal to your work, and loyal to the loved ones you hold dear to your heart. This animal’s spirit signals the call of ferociousness when necessary, and a made bark and bite that can harm if the call is to protect…but the ideal to follow in your life, as this spirit guides you, is to let your bark and bite be let go so you can command the desired result by your soul’s signal and the hard work that will be met by the desired result when working with the laws of the made universe.

The laws of the universe are simple at their abridged version in that the made golden law first is to treat others as you would like to be treated. Work hard towards your goal and the goal will always be met, let forgiveness be given to all, not just who you deem worthy, and to never give up, on the made beliefs you have in what you wish to achieve and experience.

The German Shepherd is confident in his work and loyal to his loves and knows how to use his bark to signal a warning or a message, but not as the way to command his desires. The made bite is used as danger occurs only. The call now is to believe in your work and to let go of the made worries that only exist because you allow them to.

Does a dog worry when he is working…or, does he just work and allow his work to be the desired result? Does a dog love conditionally, or does he remain always loyal to his loves? You must look at these questions and question yourself and allow the answers to direct you on your made soul’s journey.

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