Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: VII – The Chariot


Alphabet: Ch, Chet in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 8


Astrological Nature: Cancer

As channeled by JOB:

VII – The Chariot: The Chariot is the flesh of the root, the call of the discretion of use, and the feeling of the feelings of your intention.

The Chariot is the ballad of the cold hard reality of war, and the ballad of the cold nature of man. The Chariot is the ballad of the man who is not aware of consequence, and is guided his bravado, and the root chakra only. The ballad he sings is the ballad of the will of the flesh into material. The material he rides with is the “chariot” he awaits in the afterlife too. Being aware there is the consequence for all action is the ability to be aware of the ballad you will sing in your next life here.

The ballad you sing belts out the melody for your next life. If you sing a song of destructive behavior, guided by your ego, the life you will have in the future is not the ballad you want to sing. Zone in on your root chakra; see how it makes you feel. The root is the center of sexual energy, and repressed feelings that turn to rage. The root chakra is the chakra of the creator’s energy, but this creation can also lead to destruction by not being fully activated and taken care of. To activate your root chakra, you must be the breath of the lesson of The Chariot.

This breath is the breath of poetically feeding your ego, by feeding your soul first. The way to do this is to be receptive to the energy that flows through this center. Be aware of your sexual power, but think of it as the ultimate weapon of the flesh. This is the way to view weapons of the material, as well. Do not use it, if it is to harm or destroy…only use it, if it is with a good intention of love and creation.  The center of the root chakra is the center to be aware of the power to create and the power to destroy.

Lamenting about your sexual frustrations does not make them go away. The ballad to sing is that of saving this powerful energy to be used for the proper purpose. This is very difficult for some…this is why wars rage, because men have to prove something that they can’t prove with their skin, so they wage war with metal objects to cause pain in order to create their result. These are the bad decisions driven by ego only, and the bad decisions that ego causes are to be the ballad to avoid at all costs.

Know your power, but use it properly. This is The Chariot in action, in your time of this life, now.  You can think of The Chariot as your sexuality, and sexual energy is the most potent energy that exists. This is the energy of the universe…the creation energy that is the ballad of the union of the calling to create, and creation answering the call. This is the darkness that can be used to create light, this is the black matter that can be turned into a new galaxy, this is the ballad of the universe into the will of the flesh, and this is the melody of the stars in the sky. Your chariot waits in this life and the next…it walks beside you to be either able to give you the ride or to be ridden into bad decisions driven by the ego.

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