Spirit Animal Explorations: The Feral Cat

As channeled by JOB:

The feral cat can be domesticated if it chooses but it is all choice. The nature of the cat always remains instinctual and their senses are what will always guide their actions.

Allowing a human to become their “parent” is allowed if the person has the right intention and the cat can sense it. Getting too close to someone who is not of the right intention is not in the instinct that naturally occurs in this animal.

The lesson of this spirit to guide you is to be aware of your instincts…they will not deceive you. Ego is the deception, but instinct is your gift. Allow your instinct to dictate who you allow to be close to you, and who you allow to be a part of your soul’s family.

If you sense energy that is awry, do not discount the feeling and stay away from those who evoke that energetic discord.

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