Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XV – The Devil

Alphabet: O, Ayin in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 70

Astrological Nature: Capricorn

As channeled by JOB:

XV – The Devil: The card is the allowed physical manifestations of ego to be the soul’s driver. Chart a course driven by your soul, and the ego will not chain you to this earthly plane.  

The Devil card is the card that is the ballad of the life result that was driven by ego.  Selling your soul for temporary gain here on Earth sings the ballad of The Devil. The gain you get in your Earth time is the ballad of temporary satisfaction that is to result in dissatisfaction in your next life.

Being aware that The Devil is not separate from God is the allowing it to be loved, not feared. The Devil sings in a choir with the Demons, while God sings in a choir that is orchestrated by the Angels. There is no difference in their music, other than the tone and intention, but the harmony can be in discord, if you are not aware that they both exist together. By selling your soul, you are not literally selling your soul on some contractual agreement with a Devil, but instead you are signing away the soul agreement you made when you coming to earth and giving up your right to be given a place in the celestial hierarchy and will be damned to keep living a mortal life on this plane.

The egotistical goals that you are hoping for are only temporary, and the impact you make on Earth will stay but the key here is to be able to appreciate your impact and think about the next plane too. To sell your soul is to sell yourself short of a better next incarnation of the next plane, the bad decisions you make will enchain you to the balloon that is chained to the allowing of only existing on this plane of life, never to be able to have a place in the stars.

The Devil is not a monster, but is THE MONSTER that lurks inside your soul, telling you that you are only here once and there is no consequence to your actions. The Devil is the bad egotistical nature of your Soul’s Key, but can be kept at bay by practicing the ballad of God-ness to your goodness, and feeling good about your choices and being aware that there is a next life too. Being aware is the best way to be in harmony with God, and it is the ballad of the angelic type of life to follow. The Devil is portrayed as a monster, because it is the badness of the soul, and is the ugly side of reality. He is depicted with an inverted pentagram, because he is driven only by the root chakra, and is not caring of the nature of reality being a community place. The ego is the driver, and the head has the horns, because his thoughts are rooted in bad, so they grow bad roots and the tree of his life is ending at this plane. The bad decisions of the calling to be the best version being ignored are the chains that will bind you and you will only be able to be set free by starting from the beginning of your karmic path, destined to live destiny’s that are lives that feel terrible and do not ever feel fulfilled.

Choose wisely, because the choice is yours, be aware that there are always severe consequences for severe actions, and the ego is The Devil, not some creature waiting for you in Hell. This is Hell, and this is Heaven. It is experienced by the choices you made, and the balloons of hope or fear that you either inflate, deflate, or never even bother with at all. You create Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours, but understand you are the one choosing. Nobody else is choosing for you. Be patient when you make a wish, and God will fondly reply, if you rush the wish, by selling off your soul, you have only cheated yourself, nobody else.

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