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Liberation Frequency #11: Discussing ‘Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment’ with Michael Sanders

In this episode of Liberation Frequency, Jennifer Sodini interviews Michael Sanders, author of the book, “Ayahuasca: An Executives Enlightenment” – which details the story of his transformational experience with Ayahuasca in Peru. 

A committed advocate for human connection and improving the world, Michael’s contagious enthusiasm and positive energy makes for not only an exciting new voice in the world of psychedelic healing, but for the world at large. He is a partner and Vice President in a clean energy startup, SunMoon energy, and the Vice President of the ClearMedia.tv advertising agency – businesses where he leads from the heart, an ethos many of us can appreciate and learn from. His writing has been featured on Collective Evolution, Mind Body Green and the Stoner’s Cookbook. Early praise for his book has been featured on Reset.me, and below are just a few of the key elements of what you can take away from this incredible story.

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