Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: XII – The Hanged Man

Alphabet: M, Mem in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 40

Astrological Nature: Water

As channeled by JOB:


The Hanged Man is the one who does not care to make amends with his karma, and instead allows death before righting his wrongs. He is too allowing of his ego, and the result is the death of this life – only to have to start over from the beginning of the karmic cycle in the next life.

The Hanged Man takes the call to reason and hangs up the phone. He is not able to confront his demons, so he chooses death in the physical world to be his atonement instead. The death he lives is the dharma he chooses, for he would rather die than face the consequences. The consequences of his lessons were not even that hard to confront, but he made the bed with the sheets he chose and he did not care to take time to allow the bed to be broken in. He slept through life and journeyed through as a Fool and his ballad is the gong of death to atone for his sins in order to start over and go through life again as the ballad of The Fool in a world he will not enjoy very much.

The ballad to sing knows that this life prepares you for the next life, and the next life prepares you for the ballad of God. The ballad of God is the return to your source to be able to choose any life you wish, and not have to fulfill karma only to experience exactly what you wish for. This is the ballad of the world into being, the ballad of The Hanged Man is to be the weary traveler at times, but to be aware of your ego as you allow your experiences to mold you into the best version of yourself, and to not be afraid of death, for even when the gong of death sounds, it only allows a new song to be formed.

The Hanged Man is the lesson that you create everything. Life, death – two songs, that in time you will see are not separate from one another, but are one and the same. You are to exist infinitely, and you can choose how your infancy is in your next life, based off of the decisions made here. Be a good decision maker, and be aware of how your choices shape the future. Do not choose only for yourself, think of others and think kindly towards all, even your worst enemy. The enemy is the friend hidden in the bad experiences that shaped them.

Do not judge others from their experience, be good to all and they will return the favor. If you treat someone poor, you are going be treated poorly, but if you treat someone kind, they will be kind back to you. Be aware of how you not only treat yourself, but how you treat others as well. Do not allow others to make you feel poor, even if they treated you poorly. Be good even to bad, and think with your heart, even in the dark nature of this plane of reality. You are always protected, just not aware. Do not hang your self with a rope spun with ego; spin a line of connection to all, and you can be always connected.

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