Lessons of Letting Go with Baba Sonya

There is an art to “letting go”. When you choose to let go, you allow yourself to fall into harmony with everything around you. Sometimes we need to let go of things that are not serving our greater purpose, because it’s those things that are keeping us in discord. Our hearts tell us what we need to know and feel, yet we choose to ignore it because we get caught up in the cycles of our daily lives that command our attention. When you choose to live the life of an artist, the difficulty of removing yourself from your work in order to gain a greater perspective can be one of the most difficult tasks to command of yourself. When creating anything, you pour yourself into your work and hope others can relate, understand, or appreciate.

The beauty of music written from the soul, while scored through a “feeling”, is guidance that can’t be ignored. The listener will feel it, and understand the intention behind what is written. It lends itself to the moments when you hear a song for the first time, and you feel a chill rush through your body. It’s that thing that you can’t explain that compels you to listen to the song on repeat. You chase that moment, suddenly, listening to the lyrics and how they relate to you in your current moment. The connection that is made can drive your into an emotional pour, maybe you subconsciously connect to the nostalgia of the past, or the present moment. When I first heard “How To Land A Hot Air Balloon” by Baba Sonya, it’s exactly how I felt.

This 5 song EP, written by multi-instrumentalists, Mike Costaney and Rachel Gawell, was modestly released late April 2015. Mike is based in New Jersey and Rachel lives in Boston – yet, their long distance writing relationship found no resistance. The songs are lyrically poignant and insightful, whereas the right questions are asked, and the metaphors are heartfelt and understood. The songs are rhythmically driven by time signatures that pull you inward, while giving each track its own unique swagger. The string arrangements are gorgeously woven throughout each song, grounding it’s complex nature, while providing a soaring perspective that goes beyond most pop song principles. They share melodies and trade lyrics, finding an honest voice between the two of them that defines their style and nature.

According to Mike: “This a product of trading voice memos, e-mailing lyrics, and having a couple of long phone conversations during a span of a couple months. We started with zero songs, then we had 5…”

As modest as it seems, it’s a genuine statement from someone who has spent the better part of his life performing in a variety of bands.  The awareness of his experiences guided him to eventually take a break, so he could rediscover a new relationship with music. His ability to “let go”, allowed him to reconnect on his own terms.

Something special happened when Mike teamed up with Rachel – it can be heard and felt. It seems the path of least resistance has been paved between them. The spark within their writing is lighting up the darkness of their past, and allowing them to blaze a trail toward a very  bright future.

The lesson here is… when you let go, everything falls into place.



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