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Spotify Playlist From Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine offers an incredible platform for the world’s leading conscious thinkers, philosophers and leaders to share their knowledge, wisdom and passion with a hungry global community who wishes to create a positive now and future. The stories and insights we share are at once fascinating and entertaining, but also deeply meaningful catalysts for positive personal and societal change. It is our mission to help individuals bring consciousness into their lives at every level — through the mind, body and spirit — and into the world around them — through humanitarianism, ecological awareness, and intercultural travel.

CLM has been specifically designed to give you powerful, practical tools, techniques, wisdom and inspiration for creating radiant happiness, health and healing in your life – so you can play your essential part in this shift, and we can collectively change the world for the better, one heart and mind at a time. 

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Faerman, and Meghan McDonald, co-founders ofConscious Lifestyle Magazine, for Liberation Frequency (interview will be on YouTube tomorrow), and we asked the two to put together a Spotify playlist for your enjoyment. We are looking forward to sharing our interview with Justin and Meghan, and hope this music elevates your vibration on this beautiful 1st of April.

To learn even more about Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, be sure to visit their website, or download their app right from the iTunes store.

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