Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: VI – The Lovers

Alphabet: Z, Zayin in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 7

Astrological Nature: Gemini

Interpretation: The Lovers are not quite what you imagine. The card is not to signify a significant other, but rather – the lesson of The Lovers is that they live their lives with love being their primary objective. The love you make is the love you take, and the love you take is the “ballad” of your “song” here on this plane of Earth. The more love you give, the more love is to be given to you, and allowing love to be your primary goal is the lesson.

The Lovers are not necessarily those who are in love with one another, instead – they are in love with the all of the all that is. This card signifies the remembering that all are worthy of love, even lost souls that do not know how to allow it into their experience. The Lovers give love always, and always appreciate every individual experience, and experience every individual as a reflection of themselves.

Loving everything, everyone, and every experience may seem easy – but this is actually the hardest task. Being able to love without judgement, or ego requires practice, patience and unconditional understanding. When you judge others, you are truly only judging yourself. Imperfection is what makes us perfect, and in order to love yourself wholly/fully – you must embrace the “bad decisions” of the past, and love the lessons that continue to make you who you are. The past is an illusion that changes with your perspective, the illusion changes like a mirage in the desert…but, instead of the water in the desert being an illusion, it is real and the illusion is being unable to quench your thirst for knowledge.

The living language of your life is that there is always the ability to quench your thirst, if you move in a momentum of love, and let go of the judgement of others. You are able to drink from the fountain of knowledge if you have love in your heart to all, and think fondly of those who are not able to express love as easily as you.

The lesson of The Lovers is that love is the allowing of the life’s lessons, experiences, relationships and trials. Know you are always loved, because you are love, and no love is ever really lost – it is only misplaced temporarily, only to be placed in a better position next.

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