Spirit Animal Explorations: The Tortoise

As channeled by JOB:

The tortoise is the made spirit that moves slow but is aware of now, and is at peace with it. He has no need to move in a hurry, because he is content with what is happening in the moment and is aware that all is well, so there is no need to rush or worry.

The made ideal is not to be slow like the tortoise, but to move peacefully in the “now”, because there is no need to be abrupt or brash about the future. All that matters is being present now.

You may think that the tortoise is the made ideal that “slow and steady will win the race”, and this is true to a degree, but you must also be a fast thinker when the time is correct. If you do this you are able to be the best version of the sly thinker who moves at his own pace and is content in all moments here and now.

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