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Liberation Frequency #6: The UFO Prophet, Brown Magick and ‘The Science of Maybe’

In this episode of Liberation Frequency, Jennifer Sodini interviews artist/creative genius Richie Brown. The two discuss the nature of their relationship, the universe, the “UFO Prophet” named Billy Meier,  their esoteric experiments with the tarot and the discovery of “The Science of Maybe”.

Richie Brown’s work has been featured on Fox ADHD, Adult Swim, Lucky Peach Magazine, Italian Vogue, and in a children’s book on cosmic consciousness entitled “The Unity Tree”. Richie is based in Toms River, NJ and his most recent project, Stank Rag, can be seen at: stank-rag-magazine.tumblr.com.

Follow Richie’s work on Tumblr at: richiebrowntown.tumblr.com

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