How ‘The Dress’ Reveals Something Deeper Than Color Perception

Yesterday “The Dress” heard ’round the world took the internet by storm. Debate raged on…is the dress black and blue? Or, is it white and gold? Opinion was divided by our perception, and this “social experiment” of sorts, reveals something much deeper than the difference in visual perspective.

When you think about anything we experience with our senses, the experience experienced will never be completely identical amongst participants. Whether it’s a food we eat, a movie we watch, a song we listen to, or a book we read…every person’s awareness is painted with the colors which the vision of their life has actualized.

The arts are subjective to the observing participant, and just as someone can view a painting and see a masterpiece, others can view and see a complete mess. Art imitates life, just as life imitates art, and the truth of our truth as participating observers, is that perception isn’t the reality – it is only your reality.

This does not mean your reality is more important than the reality, it is just your canvas that you choose to color with your experience. The gallery of art that encompasses the greater reality of the whole, is constantly being curated by the collective consciousness, and will never remain static.

The key is to appreciate the art of life, with an understanding that it will always be subjective, and like alchemy (and the photo above) it will change with your perception/experience, but this does not discount your perspective.

Whether the dress is white and gold, black and blue, purple and copper, lavender and black…it does not matter. What matters with anything in life is only how something makes you feel, and what you do with that feeling.

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