Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: III – The Empress

Alphabet: D, Daleth in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 4

Astrological Nature: Venus

Interpretation: The Empress is the female goddess that is in full embrace of her savvy thinking on big issues. The ballad she sings is that of the ballad of the blues that are beautifully sung. The blues language of the blues is that song that sings the ballad of pain but spun into a song of beauty. The ballad she sings is the ballad of the luminous young woman who shines even through the dark. Before she enters the room she is the brightness that lights the man’s thoughts with hope. She conveys the strength of a warrior, but she carries herself like the ballerina. The Empress is the ballad of the calling of a warrior wearing a garment made of satin. She walks with grace and is the ballet as well as the ballerina. She always thinks two steps ahead, and is the ballet’s choreographer too. She always thinks in layers, the layers always themed in strategy. The ballad she sings is the melody of the ballet’s orchestra toned by the blues that are her history into prose.

You are able to be The Empress if you are able to think fast, and think amorously. The notion to think amorously is the ability to be aware of your senses by the ballad allocated in your walking posture as the feline energy.  The feline is the energy that is smooth in her steps, that always walks with allowing the ballad of the notion of the balloon of the belief she carries is that of the knowledge of her self worth. She is aware of the value she carries in not only her presence, but in the present as well. She is lofty in her ideals, yet is grounded by her ballad of the blues that are her history. Landing on her feet always, she always is able to get to the landing ground she is allowing of. She allows the allowing of the balloon that carries the trickster spirit, and she always welcomes him for allocating of the decisions she makes to be aware of her ego, because being aware of the ego is the ballad she sings.

To embrace the ego and to know it is there is the calling to answer…the ego does not ever go away, it only is to be tamed with practice. This is the allowing of it to let you see how being egotistical can be harmful, but the ego is the teacher to protect your self, from yourself. The ballad of the blues she sings is because ego led her astray at times, but eventually helped her to become a warrior in a coat of armor, made from the golden lessons of the allowing the all to be the lesson, not the weight that weighs her down. She always wears her armor with pride but she is not proud. The balance of the ego and the soul is the way of The Empress.

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