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Esoteric Encyclopedia Entry of the Week: 2019/2020 Prophecy

The book “End Times and 2019” by David Montaigne reviews evidence suggesting that the “end of the world” will occur in December of 2019. In a logical order, Montaigne presents fact after fact through astronomical clues given by the Maya, Egyptian pyramids, world mythology, and in especially the Bible. While the claim is controversial, Montaigne backs up his theory with hundreds of documents and citations which all point to this “fated” date.

In our studies, and through channeling, we have received a similar date from our “guide”. Which stated: “The call of this time period is the time of growth in the form of a new Earth taking shape. The new Earth will go through growing pains, but it is only temporary and will subside in the year of the darkness. There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to be done that can stop this. All you can do is be good to yourself, and be good to your fellow man…this is all that is required. The specific details will not be revealed, but you must only know that your role is to be the light in the dark, and to be the call of love to all during a time of fear. This is all you need to do. Nothing more than to be love and to give love back to those who feel afraid. This is all you need to do. This is the call to answer now, especially in the future too. This is all we are allowed to say, but do not fear. It is only a new beginning, not an end.”

If 2012 was the impregnation of a new consciousness, and 2019 is the “birth” – although there may be certain things that are beyond our control, the one thing we can control is how we feel and how we allow our thoughts to affect us. While time will tell what the future truly has in store, being the best version of yourself (no matter what) is the key toyour future – and fear is only an illusion.

To read more about 2019, you can purchase “End Times and 2019” by clicking here.

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