2015: The Year of the Ram

February 19th, was the Chinese New Year, and we officially entered the Year of the Ram (or sheep/goat, as there has been some translation debates).

The Year of the Ram ends on February 7th, 2016 – and the year ahead, according to many oriental horoscopes, signifies a time for new faith, and stable economic growth. In Chinese traditional astrology, 2015, as the year of Yui Wei (or 32nd year of the Green Wooded Ram) is allegorically represented as the period of a passing summer – the period of prosperity and wellbeing.

According to Astrology.com:

“Sheep year is time to heal after the chaos of 2014’s Horse year. What is of value now is intimacy, family and close friendships. We can be more caring, kind and sensitive with each other. Develop a gentle heart, open to love and acceptance on all levels. Another theme of Sheep year is to express your creative side. Now is the time for art, creativity and cultivation of beauty. If you ever wanted to explore your creative side, this is your year. Do not give up, be pessimistic or become discouraged because Sheep can only move forward! This animal is unable to move backwards or sideways. Sheep year is most fortunate for Sheep, and for Sheep’s most compatible signs Rabbit, Horse and Pig. Sheep correlates to the Western sign of Cancer.”

As many of us experienced a tumultuous year in 2014, it seems that 2015 is set to start off with a promising beginning to a new beginning.

What would you like to manifest in the year ahead?

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