Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: II – The High Priestess

Alphabet: G, Gimel in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 3

Astrological Nature: Moon

Interpretation: The High Priestess is the female energy of your mind; the female mind is the part of the brain that is intuitive, maternal, loving, and singing of songs that are creative in their words. The ballad of the female mind is that of Gaia in the form of the brain. The brain is both male and female, and the brain is the best when both sides are activated. An unbalanced brain is the brain that gets into trouble, and this is the allowing of the brain to create from a place of duality.

You must be in alignment with one, in order to be the best version of yourself, and the alignment of the brain is the balance of both parts. Balancing the brain is the key to being the allowing of the ballad of the High Priestess to come to fruition. Balance out by thinking of the opposite of the result you are hoping for, and the balancing will allow the result to come into being. It may seem strange to think in opposites, but the calling is to imprint a carbon copy onto both sides of your brain. Stop thinking what if, and start thinking about the now being the result. If you are needing of something, you must imagine you already have it and also imagine you do not have it as well…you must also think about the ballad of the song you are singing as you balance your brain. This may seem complex, but you will achieve it if you practice this too, and allow your thinking patterns to be in the balanced brain always. Think of the good result, but also think of the bad…it is this complexity in the formula that is to create the ONE.

You are able to be the both in your brain if you first embrace the feminine aspect of your being. The female is the one who is the ballad of the intuitive mind in all she does. Pay attention to your feelings in your solar plexus…this is the center of intuition. You are to feel the truth here if you open this chakra and release all apprehension about the notion of the chakras as well. To open this chakra you need not do anything too complicated, be aware of the area and ask for it to assist your thinking patterns of intuition. Allow it to guide you, allow it to give you strength, and allow it to show you who is true and who is the thief of truth. The solar plexus is the place that is the center of your heart and brain communicating together. This place is the center of your awareness to your energetic surroundings. This is the center that is in alignment with the center of your truth here too. Listen to your solar plexus, pay attention to how it makes you feel, note the feelings and be sure to follow them. Zone in on the feeling and address it, do not ignore it. It is the ignorance that is the cause of imbalance; the honesty towards your feelings is the honest allowing of addressing all conflict with honesty. You are the bearer of your own “bad” news, and the bad news is not bad, but is to reveal a higher truth in time. Right now, take a moment and think of something you haven’t been able to address…think about the thought in your solar plexus, and think it through. Do not allow emotional attachment to cloud your thinking. This time of listening, only listen to how you are feeling, and ask yourself why. This is the one key to unlock the truth first; the second key is to be aware of your heart. This may seem strange to be working backwards, but this is the only way to first find truth, then to heal, then to think.

The ballad of the High Priestess is the song of your intuition as perfectly pitched, and the allegory of the High Priestess is the ballad that you are not lamenting of the allowing of wrongs to be the lamented ideals, but instead in full embrace of them as the makers of your suit of armor to protect you from other times that may take you down a path that is not feeling best to your purpose here.  The heart is to be thought of as your second brain, but this is the brain of truth. This brain is the brain of non-duality and is the first to be formed before the actual brain, the one in your head. The heart is the ballad of the song of the all that IS, without the separation of polarity.

To be aware of your heart, take a moment to find its rhythm of tempo. Is your heart beating fast, or is it beating slowly? Is the heart beating poetically, or is it erratic? Listen to the beat and pay attention to the tempo. Zone in on the tempo and use your breath to slow it down. You must be the breath of kindness to yourself, you must also be the breath that is gentle, and you must also be breath that is calm. Right now, be calm, be gentle, and be kind. Right now, breathe this way for a few moments to be the ballad of the High Priestess in your heart. The ballad will sing to you in your heart if you allow it, surrender first then address the feelings afterwards. This time of God-ness to your own goodness is to feed your heart all the love you can, this is the calling to unite the solar plexus to the heart.

Next after this exercise, is the ballad of the brain…the brain is the allowing of balance to your time here now. Be balanced in the mind by taking this new calm place to your thinking patterns. The way to do this is to be aware of the thinking you are experiencing now and to feed your thoughts with goodness instead of jealousy or envy, or spite to what you do not have yet. The brain is the place where your mind can play tricks on you, and be aware of the trickster mind that feeds the ego, instead of the soul.

You must be noticing that you are all. You are the all in that you are female and male, you are good and bad, you are the ego and the soul, you are the trickster and the balloon of hope, too. The trickster likes to pop the balloon; the trickster thinks this is funny. You must not get angry with the trickster…the trickster is the ballad of the funny spirit who loves to see others believe they are not powerful. This is funny to him because he is the fond idea that people should all know how powerful they are, and when they do not, they deserve to get tricked because they are being silly, too. The trickster is the spirit of fun, not of evil. He does not mean to cause harm, only means to be the prankster to get you on the ground again, to understand the right intentions to inflate your balloon with. He is to be appreciated, because he appears when you are being egotistical and are not inflating your balloon properly so it must be popped. Zone in on him and give him thanks for his silly way of giving you guidance here. Stop being angry with him, because he means no harm to you, only wants you to see how powerful you really are in a very silly way.

The time of the balanced brain is to occur when you are appreciative of the darkness and the light, yourself as well as your shadow, and the trickster being able to be in the balloon instead of popping it. Let him take it for a ride and allow him to let you soar to a new height. Poetically understanding your brain is the key to allowing your mind to function optimally.

Right now, pay attention to your thoughts. Walk through your mind with an open heart and feel the solar plexus as your internal navigation system. Zone in on the thoughts left over that may be unpleasant and call them forward to give them love. The love you give them is to be allowing them to be set free and making room for new thoughts to come to be birthed instead. Think happy thoughts like Peter Pan once said. The happier the thought, the happier you will soon feel…being happy in your thoughts will be the ballad of the allowing yourself to be set free of the ego and fully aware of the soul. The High Priestess is the free soul who has unlocked the ballad of the balanced solar plexus, heart, and brain in order to be the balanced human being.

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