Tarot Cards

Tarot Card of the Week: I – The Magician

Alphabet: B, Bet in Hebrew

Numerical Value: 2

Astrological Nature: Mercury

As channeled by JOB:


Interpretation:  The true nature of this life is that life is truly all “magic”.  The magic you create is the magic of the all that is, working through your experiences of thought and your time of life here. The Fool thinks that there is no consequence to thinking thoughts that have ill intent, but the true magician knows that all is connected, andall is the all that is. So, it is important to filter your thoughts to be in the frequency of goodness to all, not just the ones you prefer most. Your magic is to give positive thoughts to even your worst enemy.

In terms of manifesting a magical life, you need to be the result you are wishing for, before the result will come to be. Stop playing small, and thinking you are all alone and the world is out to get you. Right now, you are able to change anything you want in the blink of an eye if you change the way you think about things.  Instead of feeding your ego with bad food that is to fatten you and weigh you down, you must nourish your soul with the proper routine that is of positive thoughts to all aspects of life.

You reap what you sow, but you are also the farmer.  You need allow your “seeds” to grow in good soil. The fertilizer you use can either be of manure or of good intention that is to help your seeds grow into beautiful flowers. The manure still works, but you may not like the smell of what blossoms, and The Magician knows the power of the soil into the flower that blooms. The idea is that The Magician is the farmer and also the seed, lamenting that you do not know how to farm is foolish. You must know that the egotistical idea is that you are helpless here. If you do not know how to farm you must first ask, do not think you are not worthy of being guided by your angels.

If you ask, you will receive, but you must first know how to ask the right questions. The questions you ask are the most important ideas to understand. You are here to learn, you are here to see, you are here to feel, and you are here to move in the momentum of the dancer-less dance of the dance of this plane of Earth. You are a magician, but you are also a dancer; the dance that you dance is the dance that is choreographed by the questions you ask.  The result that accompanies the dance is the answer to your questions. The lesson here is to ask the question with the bright ideal you are hoping to uncover, not to ask the angels for the answer in its own entirety. Angels are not here to give you the exact answer, only to guide you as you move through the dances that you learn.

You are able to learn anything you ask for, and the only limitation is the reach of your imagination. The formula of understanding is, that the God is all, and the all is the one with this God. This time of ALL into being is the time of history being written by the people of this plane. You are a part of this history, make it a point to be the proper magician in this magical Earth you are living on. Right now, you are allowing ALL to be allowing to you, if you only just allow.

You must stop creating resistance with fear of not being good enough. You are good enough because you are “God” enough. This means that your tone of music is the ability to be in perfect pitch with God, if you are able to pitch yourself through fine-tuning of the “ballad” you’re making in the “symphony” of your life here. Singing songs that elevate your spirit is the ballad to form. Sing songs in the tune of good to all, and good is all you will experience.

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