The Grammy’s: The Decline of Western Civilization III, The Cult of Personality

think it’s time to put an end to award shows. It perpetuates a self congratulatory environment for people who dabble in art, music, and various creative endeavors, by creating a competition that is unnecessary. I understand the need to put the focus on something in order to give it the attention it deserves, but the pageantry of the recent Grammy’s event only proved the continued decline of western civilization. While the event seemed to be anti-climactic, and poorly outdated, there are megalomaniacs waltzing through the ceremony vying for more attention to feed their ego and prove their value… to whom? Themselves?

These “artists” aren’t offering much to society, aside from a soundtrack that likely communicates a self absorbed message. These events have only showed us how inhumane and abhorrent we are toward each other, and in the most shallow and convoluted way.

Award ceremonies for the arts are communicating the error of humanity by feeding the ego, and creating false idols. The idolatry of the music business has led it’s current demise, which has been a slow death for over 15 years.  The industry is trying to save itself from the inevitable, and the people working are trying to save their jobs. At that point, it’s less about the music, and more about the return on investment. For those of you business-minded individuals, you are probably wondering how that is a bad thing…so, allow me to explain.

Art and music has been around since mankind needed to find different ways to communicate complex ideas, or simply evoke an emotion via artistic expression. This is a form of magick, and empowers the individual to transmute their energy and intention into a medium to provide a result. Art is something so powerful and sacred, it has been around a lot longer than the “Music Industry”. With that in mind, and regardless of the future of this particular industry, art and music will NEVER die. The business may die or go through puberty in order to evolve so it “fits in” with the current state of everything, but the actual art form of making music will never be replaced or forgotten.

Music was originally held by two types of people. There were composers, which wrote the music and were originally funded by wealthy people who understood the value and appreciated the artform. The others were Gypsies…they were the ones who traveled around, and performed music for people in an environment to allow them to celebrate life, or simply escape the hardships of their current reality. This was the way it was for hundred of years and unfortunately, it seems we are going to end up back how it all started. There will be writers, and there will be performers. Those who are able to uphold both roles will become few and far between, and there will not be a business infrastructure to provide long term security. So those who truly want to be making art, will…regardless of the prospect of having a career or being famous. It’s that idea of “fame”, and “easy money” that has brought us to our current state of being.

People getting into art are doing it for the wrong reasons. No longer do they want to communicate complicated ideas, or express emotions that will inspire humanity. Instead they want to be famous by feeding their egos and demanding attention. Some artists say it isn’t about the money, then what is it about? If it’s not about that, then why compete? You can easily make the art, and release it. If the product or end result is good enough, people will find it. Marketing and advertising magic has only allowed business to fool the masses into thinking they are making these decisions on their own. By the power of suggestion, these tactics play into your desire for identity, expression, sexual need, etc…They want you to think you can get what you can’t have, by simply participating in their games of competition.  These desires will inevitably destroy the foundation of ANYTHING sacred, just as it has time and time again.

Rock stars are dead. They died in the 90’s when you had record labels called ” Kill Rock Stars”, and idols like Kurt Cobain who was the antithesis of a rock star. We are now in the age of collapsing rockstars, falling victim to one thing, their egos. When a star collapses, it creates a black hole. That black hole is being imprinted on an industry that is destroying itself. The music fans aren’t doing it, the business has done it to themselves. Instead of evolving, the industry chases the nostalgia of what it once was (because hey, they made A LOT of money… enough to create an industry). They hope to convince you that you need to participate in their game, and  help fuel the horses they are betting on. The grammy’s and things of that nature are just the final ritual ceremony to close a year and celebrate art, but unfortunately, they are only celebrating EGO, in a time when art has truly been lost. We are given the free will to participate in the observation and analysis of celebrity, but it’s difficult to do so when you know that they will soon be enveloped by the black hole created from collapsing stars. As massive fans of music, art, film, etc…we can only hope, that out of chaos comes order.

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