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A Personal Message Regarding EVOLVEFEST

Last summer I spoke, and hosted a workshop at EVOLVEFEST. I had just self-published a children’s book on consciousness, The Unity Tree, and was excited to have the opportunity to be a part of a transformational festival that I was under the impression was to be about love, peace, and spiritual evolution.

I am grateful for the wonderful people I connected with while I was there…however, after some very disturbing, disheartening, and down right disgusting posts from the festival’s owner – I will no longer support this. To “evolve” means to ascend past archaic beliefs, and to truly be “enlightened” means to live and let live. To bash the gay community, say irrational anti-semitic comments (driven by watching one too many conspiracy theory documentaries), and to use a platform that reaches over 200k people to spread hate is absolutely not acceptable.

Through EvolveandAscend.com, I have had the privilege to connect with different cultures from around the world, and while I may not agree with the rules/rituals of religion, I believe there is something to learn from EVERY school of thought…not just the ones you prefer most. Kindness, compassion, and love should be unconditional…not limited to whether you fit in a box that you deem to be appropriate. Whether you are gay, straight, bi, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, transgendered…whatever the case may be, you are human, and because you are human you deserve to be loved, and accepted for any label you choose to wear. Evolution requires loving ALL, and not placing judgment on lifestyles you may not understand.

The way of the world can be confusing, but you can’t fight hate with hate…and rationale will never come from being irrational. So, with that being said…I wish David Bryson love, compassion and kindness, and I truly hope he finds what it is he is looking for – but I will not support this hatefest, nor the circus of absurdity it is promoting.

SensibleReason.com posted an article highlighting some of the absurdity David Bryson is spreading on his Facebook page, and more recently Pulse Radio went into further detail of the downward spiral of hatred that Bryson has since been on.

You can read the entire article detailing more of why we choose to no longer support this festival by clicking here.

With love to all, and always loving EVERYONE.

– Jennifer

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