How to Tell if You’re an Empath

Alex March is an empath, medical intuitive, psychic medium with brilliant multifaceted clairvoyant abilities. She began her relationship with the world of spirit when she was just 4-years-old, and has been able to channel/read since she was 18. She spent years combating severe anxiety ridden hypochondria due to a misunderstanding of her latent psychic gifts, and is now able to help and heal others who have experienced a similar path. Alex is an extremely talented tattoo artist who has been working in that field for 8 years, but her life’s purpose is truly to help others find the light. She has dedicated herself to helping younger people understand themselves in order to heal and hone in on their own abilities. By using her personal experiences as lessons to teach, it is important for Alex to let people know they are not alone and are supported in their spiritual journey to tapping into their highest potential.

In the video below, Alex discusses her journey to uncover her strength, after years of discord/misunderstanding of the energy she was feeling and absorbing. Through her experiences, she eventually discovered her psychic gifts, and empathic ability.

Empaths are beautiful souls, that feel on a higher dimension of emotion which can sometimes be a curse just as much as a gift. When empaths feel, they really feel, and it sometimes can lead to anxiety, or depression without the proper tools in your “spiritual work-belt”. As you are awakening to understand and uncover your latent psychic/empathic traits, you may be looking to learn and connect to like-minded people. It is important to know you are not alone, there are many of us that have these abilities, and making sense of the extrasensory perception is key. Alex’s videos are meant to serve as inspiration, and to provide clarity for those looking to fully embrace their gift.

We will soon be partnering with her to create even more videos on our YouTube channel about empathic, psychic, and intuitive phenomena, and we look forward to sharing them with you. If there is a particular realm of spiritual information you are looking to learn more about, please fill out the comment box below.

Life can be magic if we truly allow it to be, but the key is to allow…and allowing can only come through acceptance, embrace, and understanding.

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