Super Moon in Aquarius Tonight, January 20th, 2015

January 20th, marks the first New Moon of 2015. Tonight’s New Moon is also a Super Moon, which means (according to MysticMamma.com) “that the Moon is closest to Earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth at the time of the New Moon”.

The Super Moon this evening carries the energy of Aquarius, which is representative of new beginnings, higher consciousness, and super powerful vibes for what you wish to manifest. Open yourself up to receive the astral insight that the energy of this evening will bring. Set a clear intention from your heart, and allow the Moon to make your wish come true.

Tonight’s Super Moon reminds us of the wisdom the Moon card in the Major Arcana of tarot carries as well. The Moon is the father of the Heavens, and it is his task to remain cool, calm, and collected. He shares his light with the sun, and works with her, not against her. The power he shines with at night is only so powerful because the sun allows him to be.

Poetically interpreting this notion is to take the energy of tonight’s Moon, and stay collected, and in a place of allowing, as you let the sunshine work through you to help you shine bright through the evening, and maintain your place in the stars.

Manifest your magic, and remained balanced – tonight is a time to celebrate your power, and how powerful your life will become if you allow. Allowing is the key word, and through allowance you will find great change (literally and metaphorically).

For additional information on tonight’s New Moon/Super Moon be sure to visit MysticMamma.comfor even more astral insight.

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