Spotify Playlist by Shawn Zappo of Surf and Abide

We recently met with Shawn Zappo from Surf And Abide. He is writer, musician, and a legend in the Skate and Surf community in New Jersey. He is an inspiring individual, who sat with us to discuss a full range of topics, along with his life experiences and philosophy. He is currently working on a book, “Surfing Sadhana”, which we will discuss further in an interview we will feature in the coming weeks. Go on over to Surf and Abide to read more of his work, here.

We enjoy his writing so much, we asked to feature him on our website, and will have him join us for an upcoming episode of the Liberation Frequency Podcast.

As a way to get to know him a little better, we asked that he put together a playlist of music to share with you. Music is a great way to get to know someone, and his range of music appreciation is something we are excited to share with you.

Here is a quote from him regarding this playlist…we love it, and hope you do to!

“The playlist is in no means a full representation of the range of my musical indulgences. It simply represents one moment in time, that is right now as I send it to you. Yet the beautiful power of music, is if it’s good, it defies linear time. It’s TIMELESS. 

If I were to take a drive of some length tonight, I think this would be an enjoyable mix of songs. There’s some classics and favorites from a few decades of my life. I omitted the overly jarring or harsh, although I did end on some heavy notes. My hopes are many can enjoy this configuration of songs in whatever setting they choose. “

So, tune in and drop out of reality, while you join us on this sonic journey curated by Shawn, from your speakers and into your heart.

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