A Poem About Revolution Through Evolution

The evolution will not be televised.

We sense it…
We hear it, see it, feel it, taste it.

Something is not right.
Something wicked this way comes.
Time seems to be ticking, what’s the shape of things to come?

Murder, violence, militarization of the police.
People killing people, chaos…no keeping of the peace.

Media perpetuates consumption. Consume consume consume.
You need this, you need that, the material world is becoming a tomb.

The evolution will not be televised.

Change comes from within.
There is no messiah.
Save yourself.
Look inside your heart, put your ego on the shelf.

The evolution will not be televised.

Placing blame on parties, placing blame on the police, placing blame on Fox News, placing blame on climate change, placing blame on the elite…

When has placing blame solved anything except pouring gasoline on the fire already ignited.

We must dissolve the barrier of ego, we must stand united.

There is no separate, only an illusion of this pole. You and I are one in the same, equal parts of a universal whole.

Look within, the looking glass of truth. Cast no stone because there is no one without sin. Together we can atone, but only united will a change occur. Stop the “ism”, live the “is” – love him, and her, and him and her.

The evolution will not be televised.

Survival of the fittest, only the strong will survive. But strength comes in numbers and only together will we thrive. Focus on the focus that change is where we aim. Stop placing blame and blushing when accountability calls your name.

Answer this call now, because the collective unconscious wants to connect. Let your heart guide you, protect your intention…not your neck.

The evolution will not be televised.

Politics religion money race and sex…these are all only illusions of an operating system that no longer works.

Time for an upgrade, and reboot…the programming no longer suits the station.

The evolution will not be televised.

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