Snowy Day Spotify Playlist


It’s snowing beautifully in NJ at the moment. We are going through this weeks content, and listening to this playlist in the background. We normally would wait until, Wednesday to share, but this playlist is too perfect. Our hope is that you sonically experience what we are feeling right now.

This playlist is brought to you by Gregg Pirillo. My partner in Anchor & Hope Music, who helped enable me chase my dreams in the industry for over 8 years. We also had the pleasure of running an online radio station a few years ago in NJ and Nor Cal. Gregg fronted the act Mynuskris (see video below), and is currently working on a project called, “Face the Sun”.  He currently lives in San Jose, CA and works in the radio industry.

We used to spend a lot of time in his car talking about music, drinking coffee, burning gas, and listening to music for hours on end… almost trying to top each song with another song. We always had a passion for sharing music, and knew each others’ palate more than most. This playlist is nostalgic of those times, and captures the moment Jenn and I are experiencing as we sit our desks, staring out the window, watching the snowflakes dance.

* Note: There was a great Carly Simon track on here called “Why”… It seems that it’s not on Spotify at the moment (see video below).

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