Deconstructing the Symbolism of I, Pet Goat II

To capture a “screen shot” of the nature of consciousness, is about as difficult as choreographing a ballet on string theory. However, this visual meditation on the current/past state of the collective consciousness that is humanity, does a fantastic job of putting the poetry of life into motion.

This non-linear muse may leave you with more questions than answers, but if you watch with a trained mind and pay close attention to detail, the answers are enveloped in the art of this cerebral masterpiece.

Essentially what can be deduced is that we are at a crossroads in our world. Everything we know to be true, is false, and the reality we are currently living in is that of a controlled society masterminded by the top tier of the world’s wealth that uses our presidents as puppets to hypnotize the masses. We have moved away from universal wisdom, in that the answer to everything is love.

Love is the key that opens every door, and we must learn to start living from the heart, living the Christ, essentially being the Christ. Our consciousness is beginning to shift, but this “seed” of change will only blossom if it is nurtured and breaks free from the chains society is placing on us in this limited world we are living in right now.

To clarify what I mean by being the Christ, I do not mean we need to move toward a Christian society. I respect religion from a cultural standpoint, but ultimately I feel as though it is just rules and rituals that separate us from one another. I do not believe in worshipping false idols, and I do not believe in the notion we are separate from one another. I believe we are all small parts of an equal whole, and I view Christ as a level of consciousness, that is in the same stream of knowledge that Buddha, Krishna, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and even John Lennon all possessed. It is living in the “we” of life, instead of the “I” and appreciating the planet as opposed to destroying it and using up it’s resources as if the Earth is just collateral.

“We” all have the power to make a change, and each shift in consciousness is a bigger shift for the collective. For every thought, action, and change a bigger change begins to occur – because we are all merely ripples in one universal pond.

Do not be scared, be aware. Awareness fuels creativity, and fear breeds destruction. Consciously create in the mind set of the Christ, the Krishna, the Buddha, etc. Make your choices with love in your heart, and take the path of least resistance.

Although the task may seem daunting, and you may wonder what exactly it is you can “do”…realize the “being” is the “doing”. Open your mind, expand your vision, and be the change you wish to see in our world. All that is on the without comes from within, and within you is a spark of divinity just waiting to be ignited to fuel the fire for change.

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