How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

We are all born with innate intuitive abilities. In infancy, before we are even able to understand language, we were able to understand feeling, intention, vibration. This is not random, this intuition is our birthright, and unfortunately through environment, and societal/cultural programming, we are taught to put this to the wayside and focus on logic as opposed to intuition.

Energy flows where intention/attention goes, and like a muscle, your intuitive abilities must be flexed in order to achieve their greatest potential. The video above is a great resource, and provides some insight as to how to open your intuition (third eye) and decalcify the area of your brain (the pineal gland) that facilitates your creative, and psychic abilities.

Avoiding fluoridated water, keeping an alkaline diet, practicing Kundalini yoga (see video in link), and placing focused attention on the development of your intuition will help speed up the process of unlocking the door to higher consciousness. As your consciousness continues to expand, you will see a profound expansion of your daily reality, as well as your dreams, and creative potential.

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