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Watch Evolve and Ascend’s Founder, Jennifer Sodini, on Shaking Reality

Earlier this year Evolve and Ascend founder, Jennifer Sodini, was interviewed at the BRIC in Brooklyn for the talk show Shaking Reality, which was developed by the producer of Time is Art, Katy Walker.

The episode of Shaking Reality is described as:

Shaking Reality is a progressive talk show which explores the changing world view and emerging new paradigm. In our second show, hosts Katy and Jesani interview Jennifer Sodini, founder of Evolveandascend.com and author of The Unity Tree, a children’s book on cosmic consciousness.

The group discusses subjects such as evolution through the creation of the internet, synchronicity, Jennifer’s book – The Unity Tree, and many other consciousness expanding topics. For more information about Shaking Reality please visit our website: http://www.shakingreality.com/

Music courtesy of Unemployable Music: http://www.unemployablemusic.com

Jenn thoroughly enjoyed her experience on Shaking Reality, and looks forward to participating in the development of the series in it’s next incarnation.

We hope you enjoy the interview, and feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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