The Importance of Creativity

We are living in a time where expressing our individual creativity is of the utmost importance. As our world undergoes trials, tribulations, and “growing pains” into a new paradigm of thought, our self expression is an integral part of this shift.

A major part of this shift is the realization that we need to move from a consumer based society, to a society of collective creation. Our universe was created to perpetuate creation, it was not created to perpetuate consumption.

As we collectively enlighten our consciousness, expressing this evolution through art, literature, dance, music, etc. is part of what will create a “new renaissance” for us all to move into a golden age/New Earth, and move out of the darkness.

Light perpetuates light, and darkness will only leave us in the “dark ages”. So I urge you, each day take a little bit of time and focus on what you can bring to the table as we evolve and ascend together as a planetary community. No creative talent is too small, and every little bit counts, so create, be creative, and open yourself up to be a part of this 21st century renaissance.

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