Can We Treat Seizures with Cannabis?


Use of cannabis to successfully treat seizures dates back to ancient times, long before capsules filled with man-made chemicals stole the spotlight and criminalized marijuana’s use. This scenario would be logical if cannabis failed to treat seizures, and if pharmaceuticals were more successful at doing so –but logic and reality cease to line up all too often in the world we live in. The truth is, finding a prescription that truly controls out of control seizure activity is, for many people, not plausible. More disturbing is that present day seizure medicines come equipped not only with a laundry list full of negative side effects, but with intense withdrawal symptoms as well –including increased seizure activity, the very thing they are prescribed to “stop.”

So why deny suffering individuals the right to use medicine that will possibly offer more relief than prescription drugs? Especially when it is a natural substance? Well, because of the mind altering effects of marijuana, claims the pharmaceutical companies. If that is truly the reason behind it all, then they better go ahead and pull their own seizure medicines off the shelf; because their expressed concern would be more believable if the prescription pills used to treat seizures did not alter the mind as well.

There are two general groups of seizures: Epileptic seizures (consisting of numerous sub-types), which cause an abnormal burst of electrical impulses to go to the brain; and then there are pseudo seizures, which are seizures caused by too much stress on the brain. Pseudo seizures are sometimes associated with a neurological disease that is putting the patient’s brain in distress. Of the many compounds found in cannabis, CBD, is one whose effects directly benefit individuals suffering from epileptic seizure activity. CBD is a relaxant, a natural anticonvulsant if you will. CBD also directly helps control pseudo seizures since it naturally relaxes the brain, thereby solving the root problem: taking excess pressure off the brain.

Digging deeper, one can see how CBD and other healing components of marijuana are a major threat to big pharma, as they have the potential to wipe them out if given the chance  –which is one of the most popular, presumed reasons why marijuana is still illegal. Along with the other equally heavy reason: the people in society who still believe the western medical world is one that cares for their well-being more than dollar signs. 


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