What Social Media is REALLY Doing to Your Brain and Social Life

Yesterday I had a thought. If social media did not exist, and we were still in the days of disposable cameras, wouldn’t it be bizarre if we developed rolls of films where we took pictures of ourselves taking pictures of ourselves? The whole selfie movement (albeit I am guilty of taking the occasional one) is very strange, as is the whole paradox of social media as well.

We “connect” with others on these internet based platforms of “connection” in hopes of feeling more “connected” to one another. In reality the quality of our real relationships has changed so much that we now rationalize because we are friends with someone on Facebook, we don’t really need to call them or reach out like we used to back in the pre-social media days.

Because of this, it seems that now, more than ever, although we feel as though we may collect quantities of “friends” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. in reality, the quality of the relationships we have with people really has begun to suffer, and at the core, most of us are really very lonely.

The video below does an excellent job breaking down the innovation of loneliness in conjunction with the expansion of social media, and puts it all into a very shocking, and lonely perspective. While I don’t object to social media, I think we all need to find a balance between the real world and the digital world, and not be so afraid to make a phone call and connect outside of the computer.


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