We Are All Equal Parts of the Universe That Have Forgotten We Are ONE

December 21, 2012 was a date that many thought would be the end of the world. The Mayan Calendar rumors, apocalyptic predictions, and many other conspiracy theories abounded, but the date came and went, and we are still here. However, the word “apocalypse”, by definition, only means unveiling of truth. In a sense, I truly believe that a sort of apocalypse did occur, and the apocalypse was regarding knowledge. Knowledge of ourselves, the universe, and our relationship to it and one another.

As we approach 2014, it seems that more and more evidence is being revealed on the fractal nature of the universe, and how we are essentially all just parts of the universe expressing itself as human for a while. Universal Law of Attraction shows that our thoughts become reality, and our surroundings are a direct reflection of the level of consciousness we are at. The people, and experiences we attract all stem from the desires we put energy into. When we think something bad is going to happen, more often than not, it happens. When we think something positive, and really put our energy and belief into that positivity, again, more often than not, it happens. This is because we are truly the makers and creators of our reality, we are the universe, and we are all one. It just seems we have forgotten this universal truth.

Science and spirituality are coming to a point where the relationship is completely cohesive. There is now documented evidence of the power of our minds, and physics is proving this to be true. One of the founding father’s of physics, Erwin Schrodinger, was even quoted as saying “the number of minds in the universe is one”.

With all of this being said, we must realize that not only are our thoughts important because they dictate our environment, the way we treat one another is equally important, because there is no separateness. Our egos play tricks on us, trying to separate us from one another through class systems, monetary wealth, religion, etc. Children are subjected to harsh bullying, and even as adults there is a huge divide between those with extreme wealth believing they are somehow better than others because of an abundance of paper that has a fictitious value that has been placed on it. Money is a tool that was created to control us, and yes, unfortunately, we do need financial security to survive in this current age, but it is not something that should be hoarded and used to collect objects. Abundance should be shared, and used to create a better reality for the collective good, because the collective good are all just parts of yourself. Again, there is no separate. When you are judging someone else, you are judging yourself. All people in your direct reality are merely reflections of yourself.

When you begin to see these truths, and “wake up” – there is no turning back. This Law of One is the key to peace with ourselves, peace with our environment, and peace with the universe. This is a truth that the ultimate comfort lies within, because once this is realized we will begin as a collective to create a better environment for the greater good. As we approach this new year, let us shift our thoughts towards the creation of a world centered on abundance for all, acceptance for all, and most importantly love for all. We have the power to allow this to happen with our thoughts and actions, and since the universe is essentially pure love, when we release fear of this, we can live this truth every day. We are love, and we are meant to love, and be loved. Allow 2014 to be the beginning of the end of hatred, greed, and separateness, and instead, allow love, peace, and light to shine brighter than ever before.

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