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Zardoz is a quirky science fiction film originally released in 1974. Incidentally, the same year of famed writer Philip K. Dick’s science fiction flavored mystical experience (dubbed “2-3-74”). I mention this to prepare us, at the outset, for the kind of 1970s “High Weirdness” we’re about to encounter. John Boorman, the film’s director, bluntly tells... / READ MORE /
DMT clients have recounted very unprecedented encounters, for example, dreams of alien scenes, including space stations, alongside experiences with exceptionally odd non-human elements, including giant insects, mythical beings, clever cacti, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The marvels of experiencing non-human elements affected by DMT have propelled discuss about what this might really... / READ MORE /
Recently, an article was featured in the Pharmaceutical Journal by Andrew Haynes that discussions about the widespread utilization of psychedelics in the animal kingdom. Haynes’ ion for clarifying this conduct lies in the possibility of fatigue — truly exhausted animals are looking for pharmacological incitement, much similarity that exhausted people look for pharmaceutical incitement—yet there... / READ MORE /
Lucid dreams are defined as dreams in which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. In a lucid dream it feels as though you are able to navigate a movie within your mind, your consciousness serving as the projector of your imagination. To make the imagination manifest through art is the great work of the creative mind, and film... / READ MORE /
From BlotterArt.com: Blotter Art is a term that refers to the artwork that liquid LSD is dropped onto. The artwork is printed onto “blotter” paper and then perforated into tiny squares or “hits,” which can be torn apart into easy to manage quantities. In the 1960s, when LSD was legal, it was distributed in large... / READ MORE /